Travel MRMC

Travel MRMC was an application built for the Milwaukee Regional Medical Center at Lightburn Designs. I worked with Designer/Devloper Zak Weiland on building the application in a cross platform solution called Appcelerator. This allowed us to build the application very quickly for use on the iOS and Android platforms.

My primary responsibility was to create the application from scratch from the designs along with some help from Zak. I also came up with a custom API built in ASP.NET MVC that delivers all the JSON to the application when needed. Since Milwaukee Regional Medical Center needed a way to route people around the construction zones that have started on the Zoo Interchange, I had to come up with a custom solution using the Google Maps SDK, which is by far the most complicated part of the application. Since this project had a quick turn around, we had to leverage as many existing technologies as possible.

Client: Milwaukee Regional Medical Center

Timeframe: 2 Months

Technologies: iOS, Android, Appcelerator, C#, Google Maps SDK

Travel MRMC Screenshot 1 Travel MRMC Screenshot 2 Travel MRMC Screenshot 3