Hello, I'm Jon.

Senior front-end developer with full-stack experience.


Hand-crafted code. Immersive experiences. Attention to detail.
These are the constants in my work.

Campsite.bio, a link-in-bio tool

Josh Werner and I started Campsite.bio in 2017 as a platform that serves as a digital hub, enabling users to create a personalized landing page where they can link all of their social platforms and content. As a technical co-founder, I built the entire front-facing application using Vue.js, Ruby on Rails, and MongoDB.

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Campsite.bio is the most complex product I've worked on, with dozens of features added since the start. The goal over six+ years has been to add features while keeping the product easy-to-use. With over 250k sign ups and an exit in October of 2023, it was a success.

Campsite.bio consists of a marketing site (Nuxt), a web app (Vue SPA and Rails), a profiles app (Nuxt SSR, Lambda, and S3), two serverless applications (Lambda), a self-hosted email marketing tool, and an admin dashboard for user administration (Nuxt). Below are contributions I made to the web app over a three year period. A lot of code was written, and refactored.

Contributions from November 2020 to October 2023

2,661 commits628,155 ++423,791 --